As a proud member of WaterSavers, our facility is required to meet stringent water quality and conservation standards.


  1. Cleaning solutions and other contaminants from driveway washing run into storm drains which empty directly into surface water supplies such as streams, rivers and lakes.
  2. Cleaning solutions from driveway washing also seep into the ground water supply causing potential contamination.
  3. Potentially contaminated groundwater is pumped to public water supplies for everyday use and consumption.

140 GALLONS of water are used during the average home driveway car wash.*


  1. Large deposits of mud, dirt and sand are trapped here as the first step in our water reuse and filtering process.
  2. This water is filtered a second time to remove even more dirt, sand particles and spent cleaning solutions.
  3. The final stage of our filtering and water reuse system filters out particles to micron levels less than 20, allowing the reclamation of water and some of the cleaning solutions. This minimizes the use of freshwater and protects the environment from harmful contaminants.

40 GALLONS of water are used during the average professional car wash.*

*Taken from a study by the University of Texas.